Monday (7/17/17) Starting in Birmingham, Alabama with a send-off breakfast with Quentin Riggins, Douglas Craddock, Jr. and Myla Calhoun. Students boarding the Amtrak train to Washington, DC with a stop in Atlanta, GA. Arrived in Washington, DC Tuesday at 1pm.

Tuesday (7/18/17) Financial Literacy Day started with Operation Hope, Inc at SunTrust DC Corporate Headquarters. Presenters included: Cassandra Ferguson (OperationHOPE), Monique Nelson (US Treasury), Freedman's Bank Building Tour. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Otis hosted SYLDI at their home for dinner.

Wednesday (7/19/17) Policy Advocacy Day started with breakfast with Houston Smith (Director, Federal and Corporate Affairs Alabama Power), Arnold and Porter Kaye Scholer, LLP presentation and lunch, meeting with Senator Lamar Alexander, meetings with Congresswomen Sewell and Roby, dinner at Ben's Chili Bowl, a stop for ice cream at Love' n Faith Community Cafe and ending the night with a visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Thursday (7/20/17) History and Culture Day started with breakfast with Zafar Brooks, Hyundai Motors America, a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, visit to the White House gift shop, arriving at Union Station to board the Amtrak train back to Birmingham, Alabama

Photo credits: W. Leasha Morris (Laydest Images), OMG Media Student Photographers and Derrick White (OperationHOPE).